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Palomino & The Misfit Drifter


Let's take a ride with Palomino and the Misfit Drifter. He never felt at ease or at home, a misfit. So he saddles up his beautiful Palomino and heads out for adventure. Maybe he'll find something better and just maybe he'll feel more comfortable in his own skin.

There is a deep loneliness in being a drifter but the one constant in his life that makes it bearable is his truest friend, his horse Palomino.

Nothing means more to him. He trusts his horse beyond anyone or anything. Feeling best with his strong, steady companion, Palomino.

Travel along with Palomino and the Misfit Drifter as he encounters the good, the bad, tragedy and redemption on his journey. Will he find the thing he needs most to no longer be a misfit, to love someone and have someone love him in return?

Palomino and the Misfit Drifter is in the tradition of Willie Nelson and the Red Headed Stranger with influences of Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash. To carry the tale along there is different styles, tempos and rhythms. Each song weaving the ballad of the Palomino and the Misfit Drifter.


CD Reviews & Chart Listings:

Western Music Association Magazine, Summer 2013, CD Review by Rick Huff

Western Music Association Magazine, Fall 2013, #12 on the WMA Charts




About Jerry

Jerry Robinson

I was blessed to be born in the Rockies at the foot of the Wild Horse mountains. Growing up this open land of rivers, lakes, deserts, creeks, rolling hills, and amazing mountains had a strong effect on me. It influenced my songwriting, guitar playing, and my performances. It still does today. My love for guitar goes back to early childhood. I messed around with guitar for years, but didn't get serious until after my discharge from the Marine Corp. I was camping with a good friend on a beautiful river in Idaho, and he would play his guitar. I would pick it up and play about every time he put it down. After a few weeks, we went to town and I bought a Stella guitar. We played the remainder of time on the river.

I've never put guitar down since. I've written poetry and short stories since I was a kid, so with a guitar in my hands songwriting came natural. To support my songwriting I started playing in local bars, restaurants, and the local ski resort. Through the years, I have performed as a single, in duos, and trios. I also formed four-piece , five-piece , and a seven-piece bands.

I am fortunate to make my living playing music at large and small venues nationally and internationally for over twenty years. Today my main focus is on honing my craft as a songwriter/singer/musician, riding horses and my Harley, and spending time with the ones I love.




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Palomino and The Misfit Drifter

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Jerry Robinson: Simplicity 
Jerry Robinson: Simplicity




Jerry Robinson

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Credits: Wood Texture: / Brushes: ElenaSham and Coby17
Copyright © 2012 Jerry Robinson Music - All Rights Reserved


Palomino &
The Misfit Drifter

1 Dead Man On The Run
2 Misfit Drifter
3 Mountain Echoes (Instrumental)
4 No Brand
5 Rancher Bob
6 Harvey's Campfire
7 Old Cowboy Waltz
8 Cowboy In Love
9 Snow On The Roses
10 Goodbye Note
11 Never Be Another One
12 Our Way Back Home
13 Where The Palm Trees Grow
14 Sweet Tender And True
15 Love Is Our Home


Jerry Robinson - Untitled '94 - '08

1 Southbound Lane
2 Gypsy Love
3 What Would You Do
4 Take Some Time
5 13th Street
6 Turn The World Off
7 Bad Situation
8 Melancholy Train
9 John & Annie
10 Snow On The Roses
11 Beginning To End



1 Late Christmas Eve
2 Gypsy Love
3 Rainin' Inside
4 Faded Postcard
5 Common Cloth
6 Deep Inside
7 John & Annie
8 Everything's Alright
9 This Is Your Life
10 Angel of Love
11 South Texas Way
12 I Didn't Know
13 Stars
14 Take Some Time








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Palomino &
The Misfit Drifter

Never Be Another One (MP3)

Old Cowboy Waltz (MP3)

Misfit Drifter (MP3)

Where The Palm Trees Grow (MP3)






Untitled '94 - '08

13th Street (MP3)

Melancholy Train (MP3)

John & Annie (MP3)







Gypsy Love (MP3)

Deep Inside (MP3)

I Didn't Know (MP3)